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New: Food Icon Set | Web Icon Set
18 Jun 2013

New: Food Icon Set

Posted by webiconset in the Icon Tutorials section.

We have just released a set of Food Icon Set. 30 pixel perfect food icons that can surely attract visitors, mostly specific to those who are fond of foods. They are designed for holidays, restaurant websites and food-related posts and sites.

There are total 30 food icons in 48px size. They come in PNG format. Food Icon Set includes pizza, cake, steak, burger, bread, sushi, lobster, sandwich, kebab, meat pie, japanese noodle, spaghetti, Curry, Seafood, Grilled Chicken, Donuts, Chinese takeaway, fruits, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, salad, salmon fish, fries, Soup, hotdog, milk, drinks, dim sum, cheese.

What are you waiting for? Let’s head over there and download the icons! If you are a member, you can download this set for Free! If you are not a member yet, why not join us and download over 1,000 quality icons now?

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